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About Us

The mission of the Hope U Foundation is twofold:     

  1. Empower young people ages 14-21 who are still in the foster care system to attain autonomy by teaching them Independent Living Skills and Transitional Life Skills so they are better prepared when they age out of the foster care system, and
  2. Offer housing assistance, mentoring and education/reinforcement of Independent Living Skills and Transitional Life skills, as well as Vocational Job Training paths to those young people between the ages of 18 and 26  who have exited the foster care system 

For youth still in care, we have time to teach them the skills they will need before they exit out of care. We can prevent these youth from becoming statistics. 

For youth who have exited out of care, we are stepping in to provide them the support and skills they will need now that they have no choice but to be out on their own.



Many of us grew up in a family with a mother and father—though not perfect—and took for granted the fact that we had both parents who loved and cared for us.  A warm bed, and a hot meal was a norm.  We were able to learn life skills, and learned very effectively how to live independently, becoming full-fledged adults. We had support to fulfill our dreams and reach our destiny.

Most foster care youth didn't share this experience. Join Hope U Foundation in making certain that they have the same opportunities that we did. Work with us so that they can meet their goals and obtain success. These youth need our help.